The Deputy National Coordinator of the Buhari Campaign Organisation, BCO, Otunba Tunji Omoregha, has highlighted reasons the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar can’t defeat President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Omoregha said Buhari’s government had progressively taken Nigeria to the next phase of development by embarking on strategic projects across various sectors of the economy.

Addressing journalists in Lagos, he said on the terms of good governance, Buhari will win convincingly.

Omoregha said: “We understand how the polity works and we intend to leverage on our strengths across the country. The President has shown character as a leader who can deliver.

“For instance, the Nigerian economy is back and is on the path of growth after the recession of 2016-17.

“The Buhari administration’s priority sectors of agriculture and solid minerals maintained consistent growth throughout the recession.

“Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), which was launched by Mr Buhari in April 2017, has stabilised the macroeconomic environment; achieved agricultural and food security and has also ensured energy efficiency especially in power and petroleum products.

“The government has drastically reduced insurgency in the north by equipping the Military. These and many more are facts the opposition has to contend with in the cause of the coming campaigns. Our duty as party stalwarts is to support the laudable vision of the President and ensure continuity.”

Omoregha acknowledged that “Abubakar was a threat” but insisted that the APC will win in 2019.

Also responding to comments about the quest for restructuring, Omoregha described those flying the kite as deceptive, saying if they had been serious and sincere about it, “why didn’t they do it in the whole of 16 years in power.”

How can I become Ten Times better than my Mates?

The life of Daniel in the Bible is a good example of young people that desire to fulfill their destiny in God. Daniel was an accomplished man with God and with men. He made his mark in his time. He got to the top in spite of all odds. He was almost indispensable to all the political administrations of his time.

As a young man, he was selected to be trained as palace worker. Daniel is popularly preached to have refused the palace food. He requested for something simple and holy for his God. It was reported that at the end of the training exercise “…..in all matters of Wisdom and Understanding, that the King inquired of them, he found them Ten Times better than all the magicians and Astrologers that were in all his realm” (Daniel. 1:20).

What are the things that helped Daniel and his companions better than their mates in their generation?

  1. Respect relationship; Relationship is the first gift everyone has before and at birth. It is relationship that makes one survive to enjoy other blessings of life. Young people that would be relevant in life must respect relationship. A certain relationship existed before one’s formation in the womb. It’s one’s relationship with his maker. God told Jeremiah, “before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee…..” (Jer.1:5). You must first accept Jesus as your personal Lord. You must believe in Him. All that God requires of you is to give Him your life, fear Him, obey Him, love Him and serve Him (Deut. 13:4). If you’re ten times better than your mates in servicing your relationship with God and man, you will be ten times more relevant in life than they.
  2. Have a Vision; Vision is not merely an ambition, an aspiration or a Man’s desire for the future. It is having an understanding of who God want you to be and what He want you to do in life. Vision is to see the way God is seeing. It is to see why God sent to the earth. A life without a vision is as flying an aircraft without any particular destination in mind. This makes any way a way and any place a destination. You can’t afford this, have a vision. Simply ask God , ” Lord, what will thou have me do?”(Acts.9:6). A man with a vision is as fast as light.
  3. Have self understanding (1Peter. 2:9).
  4. Be a Waiting Answer;
  5. God sent you into the earth to be an answer to existing questions. Do not turn round to be another hard question on earth. You’re sent to be a solution to people’s problems. Why will you become a problem to the people? Nothing other than being a waiting answer moves a man faster than his mates. If you want to be relevant in life give your heart to this. Position to help people out of their problems and you will soon find yourself on top. The truth is that, problems look for people but people look for solutions, questions look for people but people look for answers. Make yourself an answer waiting for people to find you. When Daniel and his companions lived a holy life and were perfecting their skills in all learning, they were preparing themselves to be answers to the palace’s questions. They knew that the Babylonian Government House would one day have problems to solve and they would be needed. They were waiting solution for palace’s problems. This truth works in every generation. Joseph in his time was a waiting answer to Pharoah’s question. David was a waiting answer to Saul’s demonic question. You can be ten times better than your mates, if you prepare yourself in one area to be an answer to people’s problems. You can’t miss out if you find a need to meet the demands in your generation.
  6. Have your Standards
  7. Have Spiritual Policies
  8. Be a man or woman of integrity.
  9. Think Objectively.
  10. Realize your Peculiar Opportunity.
  11. Have a Mentor.
  12. For more information contact Ada Sunday Matthew at: popesonex2@gmail.com, Or call 07064585488